You can make a difference - by loving people in the Name of Christ. 

Love INC is a group of churches who together, seek to connect in a coordinated manner with struggling and hurting residents of their community. Love INC ensures compassion, collaboration, generosity, and action. It provides an effective way for Christian churches to serve people in their area who need them. Each year through Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches, there are over 500 volunteer opportunities for Christians.  Volunteers are provided with specific, manageable opportunities to serve people in need in our community, using their unique gifts and talents. They are inspired by Christ’s love and motivated to share His love in practical ways with others. To volunteer in Nacogdoches please call our office at (936) 569-8555

A gift to Love INC has a multiplied impact.  Your financial support is needed and appreciated.  Your gift will enable Love INC of Nacogdoches to provide services to the less fortunate by mobilizing churches and manifesting Christ’s love to people in need throughout Nacogdoches County. Through one-time assistance or long-term support, your donation allows us to help churches care for those in need. Not only do we meet physical needs, but we train and equip Christians to walk alongside people and love them in the Name of Christ.

Spread the Word
We're all about changing lives and communities in the Name of Christ - we hope you'll join us in this kingdom work.  One of the most important things you can do to make a difference is to help spread the word about Love INC’s unique ministry. The Love INC Movement is growing across America (and now in Kenya) primarily through word of mouth, as people share with others how the local churches, working together, are providing help and hope to those in need, in the name of Christ.

Love INC of Nacogdoches, our staff and volunteers, along with other Love INC affiliates and the national organization covet your prayers.  Please pray that God will sustain this work and that everything we do will be done in the Name of Christ to bring honor and glory to God.   Ask your prayer group to pray for the ministry of Love In the Name of Christ.

For Volunteer information, email:  or call

(936) 569-8555