S.O.S.  (Serving Our Savior)

S    O    S

 By Patti Goodrum

Executive Director, Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches


            Most often Love INC serves the working poor, who have minimal incomes and are unable to afford some basic necessities of life. These folks are grateful for at least having even a minimum wage job, but sometimes struggle to get enough hours to stay above the poverty line.  They tread from paycheck–to-paycheck, earning just enough to keep from going under, swallowing their pride sometimes to come and ask for help.  Being the working poor means living in constant fear that you can lose what little you have in an instant.  Often our clients tell us that while money cannot buy happiness, it’s hard to be happy without it and it is difficult to meet fundamental human needs without it. Supplementing these families with back to school help, Christmas help and items from our warehouse ministry often contribute to meeting their needs.  For some of our clients basic medical care is a luxury that is often sacrificed.  However, not seeking medical treatment does not mean they do not need medical treatment.  Some of our clients visit food banks, are on food stamps, and still have to come up with creative solutions in order to have food to eat. Referring neighbors to several other social service agencies also helps provide solutions to some needs. We are still working on our laundry facility. This will be another ministry we can use to help families by supplementing them with a way to wash their clothes and defer with the cost of monthly water bills or visits to the laundrymat!  Of course, we will have the opportunity to build a closer relationship with them, and pray for them, as they come to the laundry facility on a regular basis.  Laura Culpepper, local architect, continues to work on this project with us.  We will keep you updated as it progresses.

                 We serve a diverse range of people: single parents, couples with and without children, elderly, children and youth, anyone lacking a resource may experience a time when they need to come to Love INC. We are available to help those in your congregation who find themselves in a temporary situation of need.  Perhaps an unexpected loss of income, or illness has made it difficult for them to manage all alone. When people are disheartened, lonely and desperate, we want to not only meet the need if we can, but also help them know that God’s love gives them solid hope. 

                 Nacogdoches does not have a large homeless population.  We do see and serve some homeless, but the majority of folks who come to Love INC are either the working poor, or those who have a temporary situation that they are trying to recover from without becoming penniless.  With our validation and verification process, we are able to make sure that those who are served with the resources you generously share are those who are in need.

                 People do not have to be completely destitute to come to Love INC.  They do not need to be embarrassed to come and ask for help.  We try to serve all who come to the door with compassion, collaborating with local churches and Christians coming together for solutions to meet needs.  Love INC can be an answer to a prayer.  Love INC can be an opportunity for us to transform lives through Christian love, God’s love, and love in the name of Christ.

                 Love INC has an on-line newsletter, a Facebook page, and this weekly article to keep you informed.  If you or your church have something that you would like for us to include, please email details to laura@loveincnac.org.

1.Elderly male needs assistance with utilities. He lives on a fixed income, but can normally pay his bills on time. Recently he received a higher than normal bill that exceeded his monthly budget. If he can get help with this bill he will be able to pay in the future. At this time, he is asking for help in the amount of $200. If you can help with this request, please write SOS Utilities in the memo of your check.
2. Older couple needs assistance with utilities. They recently moved, and were required to pay rent and security deposits. Due to the extra expenses, they were unable to pay their utility bill. They are asking for utility assistance in the amount of $60.00.  If you are able to help with this request, please write SOS Utilities in the memo of your check.
3. Single female on fixed income, who owns her home.  She got behind on property taxes.  She is asking for Utility Assistance in the amount of $280.  We have helped her work on a budget and payment plan for her limited income.  She should be able to pay in the future.  If you can help with this request, please write SOS Utilities in the memo of your check.


Other validated requests are for new or gently used items:

Small Microwaves
Small Tables and Chairs