Struggling Neighbors: 

Our neighbors who are struggling have real needs that few recognize.  They need to:

  • See local Christian churches working together
  • Realize that God is and that Christ loves them
  • Know that Christ truly saves (in all ways) as the churches claim
  • Trust Christian churches
  • Find lasting help when unemployed, disheartened, lonely, and desperate
  • Be treated like a person, not a need or a case number
  • Learn who God created them to be
  • Know that God’s love gives solid hope
  • Receive real, holistic, practical help for real needs
  • Experience life-changing relationships with Christians
  • Be prayed for

Love In the Name of Christ is uniquely designed to meet the deepest, real needs of our neighbors.  Each Love INC affiliate responds to these needs, along with the material needs, of people who struggle with life’s challenges who live in their communities.

Churches Have Needs!

What needs? Why another “helping organization?” Love In the Name of Christ is uniquely designed to mobilize your church and engage your community. Because Love INC focuses on real needs that transform us all.

  • To move beyond offering financial help
  • To verify that requests are legitimate
  • To serve without creating dependency
  • To be unburdened of trying to respond to every type of need by any one church
  • To discover root causes of chronic problems and dysfunction, and respond to them
  • To proactively connect with neighbors in need
  • To develop Christian relationships with neighbors
  • To become aware of unmet needs so the church can offer help, healing and Christ’s love
  • To transform lives and the community

Existing resources operating independently are inadequate to meet current and growing levels of need. One church alone cannot deal with all the complex issues of real people who are  struggling with all types of hurt, brokenness, dysfunction or poverty. It takes churches, working together, across denominational lines, to meet these multi-faceted needs.

Christians Have Needs!

  • To live out the two Great Commandments – love God and love neighbors
  • To have specific, manageable opportunities to use their gifts and talents
  • To develop their faith and put it into action
  • To have opportunities to share and to serve
  • To know their service to people in need will actually change lives
  • To experience a sense of belonging to the Body of Christ

Through the “vehicle” of Love In the Name of Christ ministry, Christians can connect with neighbors in their community and manifest the love of Christ by giving and serving.