Most people retreat to the behavior that feels comfortable.  Even non productive behaviors are practiced because it is what people know.  The cycle of poverty largely exists due to the fact many people cannot change their behavior.  The real work begins after a person has gained stable housing.  This is why the Love INC Fresh Start program requires the recipients to work hard to gain financial, employment, and housing stability; working together at a slower pace with the Love INC staff and volunteers.  Just handing over money to someone making the current crisis go away may not fix a problem.  Many people are grateful for the financial help Love INC provides, however, that warm fuzzy moment dissipates very quickly.  As a recipient of the Fresh Start program, approved applicants must understand and agree to be truthful regarding finance, employment, and housing situations.  Clients also must be willing to look at behaviors and habits that are contributing to the demise of success.

Guiding Principles

The Fresh Start program will focus on (4) four major areas

  • Financial StabilityAssistance
  • Employment Stability
  • Housing Stability
  • Self Sufficiency


The families we serve are
      • At risk for homeless or potentially homeless
      • Motivated to become self-sufficient
      • Committed to completing an educational program or job training
      • Free of substance abuse for a minimum of (5) five months before enrolling (if applicable)
      • Willing to abide by Love INC’s expectations

Program Guidelines
      • Assist individuals/families on a short term basis up to (6) six months
      • Partnership where the client and Love INC staff work together to identify household needs and develop a plan to address those specific needs
      • Love INC staff will work with local agencies to access additional resources to maximize client benefits
      • Assist the client in becoming self sufficient, and financially prepared to meet the future needs of the family

      • Love INC may provide, but is not limited to the following services:

  1. Case Management
  2. Mentoring
  3. Counseling
  4. Financial Advising
  5. Financial  Assistance *

*Note: The amount of financial and/or other assistance provided will vary depending on client participation, current household needs and  funding availability.

Client Expectations and Requirements

  • Stay with the program, typically for up to (6) months
  • Pay rent on a sliding scale basis according to the client's action plan
  • Be employed at least (6) months with good employment history prior to entering the program
  • Live at the same residence for no less than (3) months prior to entering the program
  • Address any issues that would interfere with obtaining or retaining employment
  • Agree to communicate with Love INC staff, and attend rgular weekly appointments and allow Home Visits.



If you are interested in VOLUNTEERING TO BE A MENTOR for a Fresh Start family on their journey to self sufficiency,  please contact LaKendra at This program is funded by United Way and your donations.

If you are interested in APPLYING FOR THE Fresh Start program,  please please contact the Love INC office at (936) 569-8555.

Thank you