S.O.S.  (Serving Our Savior)

            S    O    S


By Patti Goodrum

Executive Director, Love In the Name of Christo f Nacogdoches

Current Case:

Love INC has a tremendous warehouse ministry.  For many years our beloved warehouse kept me up at night because it was so full of ‘stuff’.  I stressed over many of the donations not being used by someone. A full warehouse is not an entirely bad problem, however, the problem had become a large one that needed a solution.  God sent Jacy Clark to Love INC and without hesitation, he, along with the help of several key volunteers have completely transformed our warehouse.  

They began by sorting what other organizations could use to sell or use for their programs.  Jacy and his group called The Habitat Restore and the Hospice of East Texas Thrift store.  These two programs help many folks in our community and we have partnered with them on occasions in the past. These seemed like likely sources for us to share our overflow.  

We continued to give excess diapers and other baby items to Heartbeat as we like for moms to be sure to go visit with all those wonderful ladies.  Often times we send out an email blast to churches on our list to drop by and look at the office furniture or filing cabinets we get.  We have other items that smaller churches might use as well and share them when we can.  Nacogdoches has several thrift stores, and at this point in time Love INC is not a thrift store. Love INC Nacogdoches want to share with clients what we are given, to pass it forward.  

Love INC strives to help our clients begin again with the essentials in their homes.  Beds, dressers, lines, dishes, pots and pans, utensils, small kitchen appliances and other needed items help the families we serve start again or sometimes start a home for the very first time.  Couches, end tables and small kitchen tables and chairs are always needed.  Jacy and his team have begun to repurpose some desk into dressers and end tables.  

We do not want to give the impression that we only take certain items.  If we cannot use it to give it to a family, we will give it to another non-profit that might benefit from your gifts.  I am amazed at the volume and types of items we receive, and so very thankful when we can give them away.  Our Home Team visits families every week and many times comes right back to the warehouse and choose a few items for the family they just visited.

At some point we do hope to have a place where we can minister to families in a space where they might be able to pick out specialty items to decorate their own homes.  As we work closely with folks who really want to strive for self- sufficiency, we would like to give them the opportunity to choose their own items.  

Jacy Clark, is Love INC’s Outreach Coordinator. He has many talents and we are grateful for his organizational skills.  He is also a tremendous disciple for Christ.  It is also nice that his nick-name is Moose!! 

We appreciate your prayers and donations.  We work to be good stewards of the resources we are given and to be a vital resource for our churches.  It is our goal to serve our churches, to help churches mobilize and serve as Christ’s hands and feet in the Nacogdoches community.  Keeping the warehouse ministry organized and flowing inspires us and allows us to serve those with real manageable needs.