S.O.S.  (Serving Our Savior)

By Patti Goodrum, Executive Director, Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches

Current Case:

This time of year we receive frequent requests for home repair from elderly and low income homeowners. Recently, we have gotten a large number of applications asking for assistance with minor to moderate home repairs. The needs range from replacing windows, weatherization, replacing rotten boards, bathroom rails, leaky faucets, sagging floors, painting, yard work, installing window unit air conditioners, and more. We have enlisted some of our church missions and school groups, but we have more projects and needs than those groups can serve.


We have a limited amount of money to help with the cost of the repairs. Our hearts go out to these folks. They are older, they are alone, and they live on fixed incomes. When their window seals blow cold and hot air from the outside, it wastes their limited utility budget. When they need an upgrade or change made to their bathroom, we find they are sometimes too afraid of falling to bathe without the means to make the needed updates. With all of the rain we’ve had, there are rooms with small leaks that have resulted in sagging floors. The calls continue to come in. Added to the requests, many ask for yard clean up or tree removal.


Some of the homeowners live close by in town, and some of them are in the surrounding Nacogdoches County area. All of the requests are heartfelt and important to the person completing the application. It is sometimes difficult for us to prioritize when the need is so dire. Due to the liability issues, and folks who look for a reason to sue people, Love INC cannot assist with roofs, electrical, or plumbing. We can, however, refer them to a church or individual who could help financially, or enlist other professionals to donate their time.


Our Home Visit Teams go out and visit with the homeowners and bring us a list of the items in need of repair while validating the need. We are asking for your assistance to recruit some new volunteers, and to energize some of our loyal volunteers to help us make some much needed home repairs. And, if your church would like to take on a project, please let me know. If you know of a professional plumber, electrician, or contractor who would like to donate some time to a certain project, please tell them to contact me. If you can help with the purchase of some of the supplies, please write “Home Repairs” on your check.



*Thank you all for joining us to celebrate our Laura Williford as she retired. We had such a wonderful day, and so many folks stopped by. To Laura’s church: First Christian Church, thank you for welcoming Love INC volunteers and staff to honor Laura after the morning service.

*Our Home Teams: We see the hands and feet of Jesus as you make so many home visits to families asking for help.

*Our Newsletter Ladies from First United Methodist Church: Your help continues to help us connect with our community.

*Thank you, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, for inviting me to speak to your congregation last Sunday morning! I enjoyed visiting with so many of you.


The current validated requests made to Love INC are listed below.  Your help       is most appreciated.

Single male needs assistance with rent in the amount of $450. He was a homeowner who lost his home in a tornado a couple weeks ago. He has received some assistance from local agencies, but needs additional help to get on his feet. He has a stable work history, and will be able to provide for his own needs in the future.


 Other validated requests are for new or gently used:

Twin, Full, and Queen size mattresses
Twin, Full and Queen Bed Frames
Light Bulbs
Dining Tables and Chairs
Microwave ovens
Kitchen Utensils and Silverware
Pillows and Linens, Towels




Monetary donations are needed to meet the on-going requests made by verified applicants:


Love INC

P.O. Box 630423

Nacogdoches, TX 75963

(936) 569-8555



PayPal on our website





The Love INC staff spends much time verifying, validating and ensuring that all requests made by people in need are legitimate.