By Patti Goodrum, Executive Director, Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches

Current Case:

The Lord’s people have been showing up in our community! I am talking about you! My heart is full as I have witnessed so many of you through your churches serving folks in need. Love In the Name of Christ is an extension of our churches in Nacogdoches. We serve as a record keeper, a Clearinghouse, and we validate and verify the requests people make. Love INC’s role is to serve alongside the members of our churches and provide a central location for all denominations to serve together. As we all try our best to follow Jesus’ example, serving others is why we are here. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”—Mark 10:45 (NIV). Thank you all for serving so many in need who have retreated to Nacogdoches because of hurricane Harvey.

The love is continuing as many families are staying in Nacogdoches. Many families have nothing to go back to. These families were renting their homes and lost everything in the storm, and have nothing to return to. So many schools were damaged due to the hurricane that these children would be starting a new school anyway. Thanks to NISD for sending their Social Work team to facilitate enrolling these children in our schools. What a blessing they all were to be able to serve at the shelters each day and calm the anxiety of so many parents.

Barham Reality and Mercantile Reality also helped find places for new Nacogdoches residents to live. Ambit Energy waved deposits for Harvey Evacuees so they could get settled in their new homes. Thanks to all of you who continue to donate household items to Love INC. From our Warehouse Ministry we are giving out everything a family needs to set up their home. However, beds are in high demand. Regular (full) and twin beds are needed the most, as king-size beds are usually too big for most of the apartments these families live in.

As you know, there are still many families who are Nacogdoches residents that are in tremendous need as well. Please read the following current case we are working on. This is another top priority for us

The current validated request made to Love INC are listed below.  Your help is most appreciated.

A mom of 3 who is raising her children alone as her husband is incarcerated. They moved here from another state this year because her husband had a new job. There was trouble, and he will be in jail for a while. She is hard working, loving, and from all indications has instilled the love of Christ in her children. Two of the children are very young and they are having extreme, emotional difficulty with their father being gone. Our Love INC Home Team found them sleeping on air mattresses with very little in their trailer. She works in the evening and leaves the oldest child (older teen) in charge of the two younger children. She has a very old and barely-working vehicle so she does walk to work often. Her journey to work is a dangerous hike as she has to cross the loop, and it is after midnight when she leaves work. It is amazing to learn how some people manage to do whatever it takes to provide for their families. We have validated and verified this case, and we hope to build a relationship with this mom and her children. The rent is $500 per month and her utilities are about $100. We are planning to help her with a couple of months’ rent and expenses so we might assist her to save some cash to fix her car. If you would like to help us help this family, write “super mom” on the memo line of your check.          

Other validated requests are for new or gently used:

Towels and washcloths
Twin, full, and queen size mattresses and box springs
Twin, full and queen bed frames
Microwave ovens
Window units
Living room chairs or recliners
Dining tables and chairs
Chest of drawers
Heaters (soon)




Monetary donations are needed to meet the on-going requests made by verified applicants:


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P.O. Box 630423

Nacogdoches, TX 75963

(936) 569-8555




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You and your church are invited to be a part of Love In the Name of Christ to help us meet these needs.  Come serve with us!


The Love INC staff spends much time verifying, validating and ensuring that all requests made by people in need are legitimate.


S.O.S.  (Serving Our Savior)