By Patti Goodrum, Executive Director, Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches

Current Case:   

Love INC is preparing for the holiday rush. We are planning the Thanksgiving Community Service and meal delivery for our home bound neighbors, and we are also planning the Christmas Shared Blessings event for our clients. Somehow, I am already tired. This tells me that, maybe, I have my energy displaced. Can we just stop a minute and rest in Him before we get started? 

Jesus Christ is to be celebrated every day, every hour, and every second we breathe. We live for Him. He did live for us, and then He died for us so we would live forever. Simple concept. Right! Well, the broken world changes all that, so here we are. I am as guilty as the next sinner I assure you. Getting wrapped up in all the fun and excitement of the holidays is easy to do.  The decorations, the gifts, the Hallmark movies! You know who I’m talking to! Oh, hunting season is here, too, let’s not forget!

Every year I try to gear down my spending. I try to forego all the “hoop-la” as my mom use to call it. Now we have two grandsons, and what am I to do? Any other grandparents feel my pain?

Love INC has taught me so much, and I strive to share what God through our Savior has laid on my heart each week. That is my intent. As we see so many folks hurting, asking for help to pay their rent, their electric bill, other utilities, struggling to keep their jobs, and provide for their children; sometimes, I just want to grip them by the shoulders, hug them close and say, “Do you know Jesus?” We can help with a temporary fix but it won’t last. Money will not fix the problem. More stuff will not fix the problem. Another job won’t fix the problem. The only peace you will ever find is knowing Jesus Christ.

This year so far we have spent $30,618 on rent alone, $4,108 on utilities, and more applications keep pouring in. Many applications we cannot validate. We find out they do have the funds to pay their rent, but they just want to spend their money on something else. My personal favorite is the 18 year-old who wants to move from his or her parents’ home, and wants us to help him or her do it. Several have spent their money on something they should not have spent it on and expect us to “rescue” them from their bad decisions. These situations are always tough to handle, and we lovingly show them the love of Jesus while we call them or send the denial letter. Many times it’s face-to-face, and we receive their anger as best we can.

So, while we prepare for the holiday season that is upon us, I ask you to add us to your prayer rooms. We need prayer warriors. Prayer is the most powerful gift you can give the staff and volunteers of Love INC. Specifically, pray that we will find within our ability to show the love of Jesus in the mist of all the “hoop-la” of the season.


Please note:

The date for our big fundraiser, CHAIRished Blessings, has been changed to February 2nd, 2018. Please mark it on your calendars. Tickets will go on sale December 1, 2017. We are very excited about this event as it has proven to be so much fun and everyone has such a great time. Hope you all will plan to come!


Other validated requests are for new or gently used:

Dressers and chests of drawers
Twin, full, and queen size mattresses and box springs
Twin, full and queen bed frames
Microwave ovens
Living room chairs or recliners
Dining tables and chairs





Monetary donations are needed to meet the on-going requests made by verified applicants:


Love INC

P.O. Box 630423

Nacogdoches, TX 75963

(936) 569-8555




PayPal on our website



You and your church are invited to be a part of Love In the Name of Christ to help us meet these needs.  Come serve with us!


The Love INC staff spends much time verifying, validating and ensuring that all requests made by people in need are legitimate.



S.O.S.  (Serving Our Savior)