Fresh Start is a program geared toward promoting individual and family self sufficiency within our community.  We have learned that there are several factors that make it almost impossible for families to recover in the event of financial crisis.  Here, families learn to become independent and economically self-sufficient with many supportive services. We will , case management, limited financial and other support services needed by participants.

Guiding Principles
Safe, affordable housing is a basic human right and every community has the responsibility to provide opportunities for individuals who are striving for self-sufficiency.

Education provides the path toward employment and economic self-sufficiency
Supporting growth and self-sufficiency in families influences children and breaks the cycle of poverty
High expectations and accountability for participants will lead to better outcomes
Partnerships and collaborations are essential to ending homelessness

The families we serve are
      • homeless or potentially homeless
      • motivated to become self-sufficient
      • committed to completing an educational program or job training
      • free of substance abuse for five months before enrolling
      • willing to abide by Love INC’s expectations

We provide
      • financial assistance with rent and utilities and weekly budgeting case management
      • access to resources that help families complete educational programs or job training
      • weekly case management meetings to set goals and coordinate resources
      • weekly personal growth meetings to teach self-sufficiency skills

      • referrals to local churches, and services such as counseling, child care, and substance abuse support
      • access to local transit system to get around town

What families agree to do
      • stay with the program, typically, for up to 6 months
      • pay rent on a sliding scale basis according to the clients action plan
      • take care of their own food, clothing, tuition, cleaning, and child-care needs
      • attend an educational program or job training program
      • address any issues that would interfere with obtaining or retaining employment                             

If you are interested in volunteering to be a mentor for a Fresh Start family on their journey to self sufficiency,  please contact LaKendra at This program is funded by United Way and your donations.