Back to school shared blessings 2017


Updated 9/07/2017

Love INC held their annual Back to School Shared Blessings event last month, and it was a huge success! The Hospice of East Texas Shop was wonderful in helping with the event. They had everything organized and set up for the clients to come in and shop on the first day of the event, and they had a wonderful staff to help with the event as well. We had an amazing volunteer turn out, and that helped the event run smoothly as each client had a volunteer to shop with. Walmart was wonderful as well with helping us set up for the second day of the event, and their staff was very willing to help us serve the families who had been approved for the event. I want to take this time to send a special thank you to the Hospice of East Texas Shop and to Walmart for all of their help! We could not have done this event without you.

This year, Love INC was able to serve 61 families and over 150 children with back to school clothes for the upcoming school year. It was a blessing to these families to be able to receive the school clothing that their children needed, and you could see it on their faces. Thank you to everyone who helped sponsor a child; you are the reason we were able to have this event. One thing I had not anticipated, however, was just how much of a blessing this was going to be for me personally. I had no idea how blessed I would feel to be able to spend time with these families and their children. Just getting to meet them, learn their names, and talk with them was such a huge blessing for me! God was there and moving, and I am humbled and truly thankful to have been able to be a part of that. 

So thank you again to Hospice and Walmart, to the people that took their time to volunteer for this event , to the people and churches that sponsored this event, and to the families and children for coming and sharing with us in God’s wonderful blessings. Last but far from least, thank you to our LORD and Savior, for He is most worthy to be praised.

-Happy Willhoite, Office Manager