What is Adopt A Building?
 Adopt A Building (or AAB) is the newest program of Love INC in Nacogdoches.
 As a program, AAB exists to equip and encourage churches in local missions.  It is modeled after (but not affiliated with) the AAB program that was started by City Impact in San Francisco California.

Why does AAB exist?

According to the last census taken, 30.4% of the population of Nacogdoches County lives under the poverty level. While poverty in and of itself is not what we are trying to fight, we want to intervene in people’s lives who may be going through a difficult time.  Sometimes a hot meal, conversation, or prayer can completely change someone’s day, week, or even life.  As the Church engages our community, we long to serve and love our neighbors, meet any physical needs we can, and share the gospel with those needing new life in Christ.  There are thousands of hurting people in our community; if we don’t go, who will?

How does AAB work?
Every outreach will look slightly different depending on which church is hosting it and what part of town they are in, but essentially this is how it will work: Love INC partners with individual churches to establish a local outreach by “adopting” a location in town to serve regularly. We recommend a lower-income apartment complex, trailer park, or even neighborhood. The church is free to schedule their outreach whenever works with their calendar, but we ask that it be at least once a month and on a consistent date (e.g. the first Sunday of the month, every Saturday etc.). Each church will provide meals for the residents at the adopted location (either made at the church before the outreach or grilling done during the outreach). A meal is more than meeting a physical need; it is the door to conversation and building relationships. The rest of the outreach is up to the church.  If a church wants to read a Bible story or play games with the children, we highly encourage it. Each adopted location will be different so we don’t limit what a church does with the outreach. Each church is financially responsible for their own outreach, but Love INC will provide resources or applications so that when residents have needs (e.g. a bed, couch, help with rent or utilities etc.) resources are accessible.  Upon receipt of a completed application, Love INC will validate, verify, and meet the needs as resources allow, on behalf of the church. As the Church is the hands and feet of Jesus, we love our neighbors as He commanded us to do. We expect God to break addictions, end abuse, give Life, and move mightily in our town.

If your church is interested in the AAB program, please email Travis Cox at or call 936-569-8555. Travis is the Adopt A Building Coordinator for Love INC and will help your church establish your new outreach or build off of an existing outreach for Nacogdoches.

May 2017 update:

At the end of last week, we had a man come by the Love INC office in need of clothing. He told us he recently got out of jail, and found his family and friends had sold all of his possessions. He had nothing but the clothes on his back. Feeling betrayed, he wasn't sure who to trust or who to go to for help. After thinking about his options, he went to First Baptist Church because he remembered FBC regularly serving his old apartment through Adopt A Building. Although he appreciated what FBC did for the residents over the last few years, he wasn't particularly interested in Christianity during that time. At this point in his life however, he went to FBC because he knew they cared about people. The church gave him a gift card for food and helped him get in contact with us for the clothing voucher. While he was in the office he told us a little more about his life story; we were thrilled to hear that while he was in jail he put his faith in Christ and was baptized! This type of ministry can be discouraging and even seem unfruitful at times, but this is just one case that shows that after years of “planting” and “watering” that the Lord brings growth in his timing. 

“I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives growth.” – 1 Corinthians 3:6-7